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Great news!

Puppies arrived!

Sherborne "I" collie litter

 Date of birth: 11.09.2017.
2 blue-merle male, 1 tricolor male, 1 tricolor female,1 blue-merle female
Mother: Can Fight The Moonlight in Sherborne "Yasmine"
Father: C.I.B. Born For Agara And African Gold "Gary"

 2 blue-merle male still available

Néhány kölyök még elérhető az alomból!

A kiskutyák törzskönyvvel, chippezve, eü.szűrésekkel, kapcsolattartási kötelezettséggel, koruknak megfelelő oltásokkal kerülhetnek az új otthonukba, 8 hetes koruk után!

They will join their new families when they're 8 weeks old with contract, pedigree, passport, chipped and all necessary vaccination.

We're looking for new owners who are willing to provide a loving home.



Our new hope:

If I stay in Sherborne "Tara"

 20.-22. 10.2017. Komárom CACIB Show

Haley's Comet in Sherborne won the minor puppy class again and she fullfilled a conditions for the Hungarian Minor Puppy Grand Winner.

( She won the minor puppy class five times, in two countries  : )

Well done Haley :)

16.10.2017.NDS in Algyő

Great results again :)

I'm very happy

Rough collie:

Minor puppy male:

Henry the VII. of Sherborne "Félix" - very promising (Owner: Vér Veronika)

Open class male: Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne - CAC and finally BOB!!!

Ethan fullfilled a conditions a Hungaria Champion and Hungaria Show Champion title!

I'm very happy and proud. Many many thanks Enikő :)

Minor puppy female

Haley's Comet in Sherborne  - very promising

Open class female

Graceful Baroness of Sherborne - Res.CAC


Thanks for the judge: Szabó Sándor

Some very nice photo about Lotti

Puppyland :)



NDS in Komárom


Super day, super results :)

Minor puppy male: Very promising 1. Hop on the couch in Sherborne

Open class male: CAC Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Minor puppy female: Very promising 1. Haley's Comet in Sherborne

Open class female: CAC Graceful Baroness of Sherborne

Many thanks for the judge: Róbert Kotlár (H)



Very happy birthday my beautiful wonderful girl!

You're the best!

I love you. I love you forever!


Sunny 12 years old today!

Slovakian Special Show in Maly Lapas


Fantasic results, good friends. It was a very nice day :)

Rough collie results:

Open class male: Exc3. Ethan Black of Sherborne

Minor puppy female: Very promising 1. Haley's Comet in Sherborne

Open class female: CAC Graceful Baroness of Sherborne

Smooth collie

Open class female: Res.CAC Abira Zathara

BIS results:

Best tricolor: Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Best blue-merle and Minor Puppy BIS: Haley's Comet in Sherborne

Many thanks for the judge: István Székely (H)

Hungarian Special Show in Budapest


Abira won the champion class, and best of breed :)

Judge: Klaus Frankenberger (D)

Succesful weekend in Bratislava IDS


 Rough collie:

Open class male: CAC, Res CACIB Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Open class female: Res.CAC Glory Of Love in Sherborne

Smooth collie:

Open class female:

2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB Abira Zathara

Now Abira fullfilled a conditions the Slovakian Champion title.

Well done Abi :)


Little walk with girls - because they're deserve is :)

Some new photo about Gemini

Thank you my dear friends: Tereza and Tom

You're great


Great results in Szombathely NDS


Collie rough

Open class, male:

Res.CAC - Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Open class, female:

Res.CAC - Glory of Love in Sherborne (totally out of coat)

CAC and finally BOB : Graceful Baroness from Sherborne


Open class female

CAC and BOS C'White Cessair in Sherborne - Cessy fullfilled a conditions of Hungaria Champion title


Many thanks for the judge:  Timea Kakas (H)


The Sherborne kennel's new hope

Haley's Comet in Sherborne

blue-merle female

Owner: Máté Stummer

Fantastic weekend in Agárd (HU)


IDS Show


Rough collie:

Open class male


Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Intermediate class female


Graceful Baroness from Sherborne

Open class female


Glory Of Love in Sherborne

I'm over the Moon . It's fantastic... Thanks my little black princess (and my silver princess and my black prince of course :) )

And many thank for the judge: István Székely (HU)

Sunday result:

Open class female


Glory of Love in Sherborne

Judge: Miklos Levente (HU)

Happy Birthday Abira! 

Happy 7th Birthday Sherborne "B" collie litter

Good day in Pápa NDS



Rough collie

Open class male

Res. CAC Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Intermediate class

Exc3 Glory of Love in Sherborne

Open class female

CAC Graceful Baroness from Sherborne


Funny obedient exhibition with Sherborne dogs :)

Good news from Czech Republic


IDS in Litomerice (CZ)

Rough collie

Inermediate class male:

CAC Giorgio Armani of Sherborne

Intermediate class female

Res CAC Gemini in the Starts of Sherborne

Many thanks Tereza and Iva :)
I'm very proud!

Succesful and happy day in Zalaegerszeg




Collie rough

Open class male

CAC, BOS, Res BOS Best in Show Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne - Owner - Széles Enikő

Intermediate class female

Res.CAC Glory of Love in Sherborne

Open class female

CAC Graceful Baroness from Sherborne


I presented a lovely sheltie boy:

Champion class, male:

CAC, BOS  - Di' Leila's Shelties Azure Soul - Owner Varga Szilvia

My lovely little princess:

Open class, female:

CAC, BOB C'White Cessair in Sherborne

Smooth collie:

Champion class, female:

CAC, BOB Abira Zathara - co owner Stummer Máté

Breeding test results:

Cessy - Suitable for breeding

Lotti - Recommended for breeding

Glorya - Recommended for breeding

Best in Show results:

Glorya and Ethan - Second place the "Best breeding pair" competition

Sherborne kennel (Ethan, Glorya, Lotti) won the Breeding group competition - again :)

Abira won the "Best British Sheepdog" competition and short listed in FCI 1 group

Ethan Res. BIS in the "BOS Best in Show"


It was a very very nice and succesful day.

I'm very happy and proud.

Many thanks the judges: Kotlár Róbert, Hargitai Gábor, Szabó Sándor, László István


National Dog Show in Mosonmagyaróvár (HU)

Judge: Nina-Valerie Nierscher-Nemecek (A)

Super day (with little cold and windy weather), lovely friends and very nice results

Collie rough:

Open class male:

CAC, BOS Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne (1/3)

Intermediate class female:

Res. CAC Graceful Baroness in Sherborne (2/3)

Open class female:

CAC Glory of Love in Sherborne

Veteran class female:

CAC Rineweld Xantiana


Veteran class male:

CAC Lucky-Luke Beingnant Expectation Best in Show results:

Ethan and Glorya second place the Best Breeding Pair competiton

Sherborne team (Lotti, Glorya and Ethan) Third place the Breeding group competition


And finally arrived :)

Bronze wreath


15-16.04.2017 International Dog Show in Maribor

Judges: Stefan Sinko and Ralf Campbell


Smooth collie:

Intermediate class female:

CAC, CACIB, BOB. Abira Zathara


Slovakian Club Show in Zilina


I'm over the Mooooon!!!!

Fantastic results!

Collie smooth:

Intermediate class female:

CAC Abira Zathara

Collie rough:


Open class male:

Excellent - Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

Veteran class female:

Excellent 4. Rineweld Xantiana (4/6)

Intermediate class  female:

CAC Glory Of Love in Sherborne (1/10)

aaaaand later she won the Clubwinner and Best Opposite of Sex!!!!

(Only 22 months)

She was in the "Best head" and "Best movement competition. (Another 4 collie) She wasn't the winner, but it's no problem. She is my absolutly winner!

I'm very proud of her and the other Sherborne dogs! We're the best!

We're walking some dogs and some friends before the Easter :)

(31 people and 25 dog)

Little training with girls :)


Hungarian Club Show Nagytarcsa

The end of the long but succesful day.

We were in the HCSC Clubshow in Nagytarcsa.

The results:

My old sheltie boy Urfi - came back in the ring. Next week he will be 14 years old...

Today he won the veteran class , CAC, Veteran Club Winner and Best Opposite of Sex. I'm very proud of him. He is a fantastic boy !

I presented my favourite blue sheltie boy " Azure". He won the open class and Club Winner! Go Azure :)

( and I presented some sheltie girl today :) Eposz - she won the junior class and Junior Club Winner, Éra won the open class and Club Winner and Elwing who won the veteran class, Veteran Club Star ans Best Of Breed :) )

And the collies :)

Ethan is fantastic :) Today he won the open class ! I'm very proud of him :) ( It was 8 dog in the class! )

Glorya, Lotti got a very good today :) But no problem. They 're my favourite young girls

In open class ( very hard competition- 10 females in the class! ) the beautiful Yade was an excellent 3.

And my best, my lovely old princess Sunny in veteran class was a Res.CAC . Many many thanks my beautiful lady. I love you forever

My lovely smooth girl Abira won the champion class, Club Winner and Best of Breed. Clever and very lovely girl

Today I presented a fantastic aussie boy "Abo" ( first time with aussie:) ) We won the champion class , Club Star and Best Opposite of Sex. :) Abo is a sweet and professional dog :)

In the BIS program Yasmine and Lotti was a second place in the dog couples :)

We're very tired and happy. Many thanks my friends, owners, the judges, and my club for the beautiful day

Professional studio photos in the "KedvencFotó" studio

Many thanks Klári


Today Lucky-Luke Benignant Expectation "Urfi" 12 years old. Happy Birthday my lovely old boy! I love you very much!

Drága kisöregünk ma 12 éves. Boldog Születésnapot Kincsem! Maradj még velünk hosszú-hosszú ideig!



International Dog Show and Open Show in Budapest

I'm very happy because the "Sherborne" dogs won super results. I'm very proud of them :)

Az idei FEHOVA Kiállítás és Open Show volt az év nyitó kiállítása. A két nap alatt három kiállításon vettünk részt a kutyáinkkal. Hosszú idő óta ez volt az a kiállítás ahol tényleg jól éreztem magam.

Szombat délután fajtaklubunk a HCSCE egy Open Showt rendezett. Talán mert nem volt igazi tét, vagy csak mert kicsit már túlléptünk a (jó) eredmények elérése miatti stresszen, felszabadultan és élvezettel csináltuk végig ezt a kiállítást is. Josef Hartich bíró úr alapos és kitűnő bírálatával abszolút egyetértve és örültünk minden eredménynek.

 Az eredmények részletesen:

All result:

Cry For The Moon in Sherborne "Nessie"
Open class:
CACIB Show: 02.12. : CAC, Res. CACIB Judge: Marija Kavcic
CACIB Show: 02.14. : Excellent IV. Judge: Róbert Kotlár
Open Show: 02.14. Excellent IV. Judge: Jozef Hartich

Can Fight The Moonlight in Sherborne "Yasmine"
Open class:
CACIB Show: 02.14. : Excellent IV. Judge: Róbert Kotlár
Open Show: 02.14. Excellent Judge: Jozef Hartich

C'White Creidne in Sherborne "Merlin"
Young class:
CACIB Show: 02.14. : Excellent II.
Judge: Róbert Kotlár

Rineweld Xantiana "Sunny"
Veteran class
Open Show: 02.14. Excellent - Veteran Winner, Reserve Veteran Best in Show
Judge: Jozef Hartich

Mystic Moonlight Gold Sweet Sensation "Chino"
Veteran class
Open Show: 02.14. Excellent - Veteran Winner Veteran BIS III.
Judge: Jozef Hartich

Open Show - Breeding Pair II. Sunny and Yasmine
Open Show - Breeding Group II. Sherborne Collie & Sheltie Kennel (Yasmine, Eric, Nessie)
Judge: Jozef Hartich

Border collie:
Hetty From Cranberry Cottage "Hetty"
CACIB Show 02.14.
Young class
Judge: Róbert Kotlár

French Bulldog:
CACIB Show 02.15.
Minor Puppy:
Benoit d' Artep Rouge : Best Minor Puppy,
Amelie d' Artep Rouge: Promising Puppy
Open Class:
Orpheus del Dolcezza dei Movimenti
Res. CAC
Judge: Vilmos Kardos

Some photos about the shows/ Néhány kép a kiállításokról:



Az "F" collie alom kiskutyái is gazdira találtak...

Nem volt könnyű az elválás most sem, de tudom, hogy szuper gazdikra találtak mindketten.

Legyen hosszú, boldog életetek lányok!

Today the "F" collie puppies went to the new lover owner. I wish you a happy long life my lovely puppies!



Obedience exam in dog-school

My old lady Sunny done the K99  Obedience exam. Now she is 9 years old. I love her!

More results:

Count of Crystal Palace in Sherborne "Jake" - K99 E/1

Bright Side Of Life in Sherborne "Sheena" - K99 E/3 and Ü/1

Cherish The Love in Sherborne "Yade" - Ü/1

Ma a kutyaiskolában K99 vizsgát tartottunk. Négy kutyánk is vizsgázott, mindannyian sikeresen vették az újabb akadályt. Külön dícséretet érdemel Sunny, hiszen ő már elmúlt 9 éves, és így teljesítette az engedelmes ágazat első fokozatát. Öreg kutya nem vén kutya, ugyebár??? :)


05.12. 2014.

Gazdira talált az "E" collie alom két fiútagja is.

Ethan kedves barátunkhoz költözött, így szerencsére nagyon gyakran láthatjuk.

Eric se lakik túl messze tőlünk, természetesen vele is tartjuk a kapcsolatot :)

Köszönjük a gazdiknak, hogy megtiszteltek a bizalmukkal, és Sherborne kutyát választottak társul, családtagként maguknak. Boldog életet fiúk!

Today went to the new owner my black prince Eric and Ethan. Have a very long, and happy life!


27.11. 2014.

Ma megszülettek Princess és Hitro babái. Két csodaszép kislánynak örülhetünk. Köszönöm Hercegnő!

Newborn puppies

The Sherborne "F" puppies was born.

One tricolor female and one blue-merle female. The puppies and the mum are well.


Fantasztikus fotókat készített néhány kutyusunkról kedves barátunk Sümegi Klára.

Köszönjük neki a szuper képeket és biztos, hogy nemsokára folytatjuk a sorozatot a falka többi tagjával!

Minden fotót nem tudunk itt megmutatni, a teljes sorozat elérhető a Facebook oldalunkon!

My girlfriend made some super photos with my dogs. Many thanks for her!

The other photos can be found my Facebook page.


Elizabeth új otthonba költözött!

Hosszú boldog életet kívánunk neki!

Elizabeth and her new owners!

Good luck and long, happy life little princess!


Új képek az "E" collie alomról kiskutyákról!

New photos adout "E" puppies

A kölykök szerető gazdit keresnek törzskönyvvel, chippezve, eü szűrésekkel

Very nice puppies looking for loving, good home

Ethan Blackstar of Sherborne

tricolor male

Available for show, sport or hobby

Elizabeth Princess of Sherborne

tricolor female

Available for show, sport or hobby

Eric Knight of Sherborne

Tricolor male

Available for show, sport or hobby


Sherborne "E"litter

Date of birth: 08.09.2014.

2 tricolor dog, 1 tricolor bitch

Mother: Cherish The Love in Sherborne "Yade"

Father: Ch. Unus Pro Multis Zelené Tuje - "Atos"



National Dog Show - EKME CAC - Mosonmagyaróvár


Count Of Crystal Palace in Sherborne "Jake"
Open class: Res. CAC
Bright Side in Life in Sherborne "Sheena"
Open class: Res. CAC
Rineweld Xantiana "Sunny"
Veteran class: CAC, Best Veteran, Veteran Best In Show
Mistyc Moonlight Gold Sweet Sensation "Chino"
Veteran class: CAC, Best Veteran, Best Of Breed, Veteran BIS 3, Res. Best Of Group
C'White Cessair in Sherborne "Cessy"
Minor puppy: Best Puppy

Sheena & Sunny - Best Breeding Pair


Minden kölyök gazdira talált a C'White Sheltie alomból

All puppies found new owner from the C'White Sheltie litter

Kívánok mindenkinek nagyon boldog, hosszú életet a gazdijával!

I wish you a happy long life!


Gyönyörű új képeket kaptunk "Kormosról" vagyis Vasco-ról Svédországból.

Csodaszép nagyfiú lett!

Beautiful new photos about Vasco (Don't Stop Me Now in Sherborne)

Owner: Marie Nilsson (Sävsholms Kennel - Sweden)


Fantasztikus híreket kaptunk Svédországból!

Dreamcatcher in Sherborne "Zebban" élete első kiállításán fantasztikusan szerepelt.  Gyönyörű bírálatot kapott és 10 kölyök közül ő bizonyult a legszebbnek. Nagyon-nagyon büszkék vagyunk rá, és reméljük, hogy a folytatás is legalább ilyen szép lesz!

Today my sweet baby Zebban (Dreamcatcher in Sherborne) was a fantastic result in Sweeden. BOS puppy out of 10 puppies.
The Judge liked him very much. Very good head,nice eyes and ears,good bite and jaw,good bone and angulation. Moves very well with good drive,very stabile for his age. Very nice puppie.

I'm very very happy and I'm very proud of him.
Thank you the owners: Peter Söderman and Majj-Britt Söderman (Glenshine Kennel - Sweden)




Egy kis séta a Bakonyban/Little trip in the Bakony :)


Új hírek!

Nagy izgalmak után tegnap megkaptuk a kutyáink genetikai szűréseinek eredményeit.

Nagyon boldog vagyok, mert a szűrt kutyáink közül senki sem érintett semmiben!

Az eredmények részletesen:

Great news!!!

C'White Cessair in Sherborne "Cessy"
MDR1 +/- CEA carrier
Can Fight The Moonlight in Sherborne "Yasmine"
MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM
Cherish The Love in Sherborne "Yade"
MDR1 +/-, DM N/DM
Bright Side Of Life in Sherborne "Sheena"
MDR1 +/-, DM N/DM
Cry For The Moon in Sherborne "Nessie"
MDR1 +/+ , DM N/DM, HD/A

Korábbi szűrési eredmények:

Cool Cherry Cocktail in Sherborne "Cherry"

HD/A, ED free, MDR1 +/-, DM N/DM, CEA/PRA/KAT - free



Ígéretes sheltie kan kiskutya szerető otthont keres, csak megbízható, leinformálható gazdival!

 (Very promising tricolor sheltie male puppy looking for loving, good home)

DOB: 06.05.2014.

C'White Cernowain in Sherborne

(CEA/PRA/KAT/RD - free)

Tricolor kan, kiállítás, hobby és sport

(Tricolor male available for show, sport or hobby)


                                 At New Moon Victory in Sherborne "Vicky                             Yasper Black ze Shetlandu"Drak"

Az új reménységünk/Our new hope

C'White Cessair in Sherborne "Cessy"




2014.május 6-án végre megszülettek Vicky és Drak kiskutyái. Egy csodaszép tricolor kislány, egy tricolor kisfiú, egy blue merle kislány és két blue-merle kisfiú látta meg a napvilágot a népes alomban. Vicky nagyon jó mama, és igazán büszke a kölykökre.


Zebban & Vasco at new home (Vagyis Kormos és Pöttyes gazdihoz költözött)

Don't Stop Me Now in Sherborne "Vasco" (Owner: Marie Nilsson -Sävsholms Kennel - Sweden)


Dreamcatcher in Sherborne "Zebban" (Owner Peter Söderman -- Glenshine Kennel - Sweden)